Fire Event Types

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This is a table of the Fire and Emergency NZ Event Types. These are used when they page out a job.

Type Description
ADV Advised Event
AIRH Aircraft Heavy (over 18m in length)
AIRL Aircraft Light (under 18m in length)
ALARM Station Security Alarm Activation
AMB2FIR Ambulance to Fire Event (used for initial event from Ambulance)
EXERCISE Brigade Exercise
FIRETEST Turnout System Tests, e.g., Siren and Pager Test, ICAD tests
FUM ? Fumigation Advised
HAZ Hazardous Materials Incident
HAZFLAM Hazardous Materials Flammable
LINERESC Line Rescue
MCDEM Civil Defence Messages
MED Medical Assistance
MEDFR Medical First Response
MIN Minor Event
MVC Motor Vehicle Crash
MVCRESC Motor Vehicle Crash, Persons Trapped
NAT1 Natural Disaster - Urgent
NAT2 Natural Disaster - Routine
NAT3 Natural Disaster - Notify Utilities
NE Non-Emergency, used for Paging Commanders, Support, School Visits, etc
NOT Notification, used for FAIP welfare notifications
POL2FIR Police to Fire Event (used for initial event from Police)
RESC Rescue
SHIP Ship Fire (not at a wharf)
SPRNKLR Sprinkler Investigation
STNCALL Routine Call from Station
STRU Structure Fire
TEVAC Trial Evacuation
USAR Urban Search and Rescue
WATERESC Water Rescue
VEG Vegetation Fire