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VHF Frequencies

(see each region's page for repeater locations and frequencies in that area)

Radio Spectrum Channel - DOC Channel - Base Transmit - Mobile Transmit - Type
ES116 1 142.4500 139.4500 Fixed repeater
ES117 2 142.4625 139.4625 Fixed repeater
ES118 3 142.4750 139.4750 Fixed repeater
ES119 4 142.4875 139.4875 Fixed repeater
ES120 5 142.5000 139.5000 Fixed repeater
ES121 6 142.5125 139.5125 Fixed repeater
ES122 7 142.5250 139.5250 Fixed repeater
ES123 8 142.5375 139.5375 Fixed repeater
ES124 9 142.5500 139.5500 Fixed repeater
ES125 142.5625 139.5625 Fixed repeater
ES126 142.5750 139.5750 Fixed repeater
ES154 10 142.9250 139.9250 Fixed repeater
ES155 11 142.9375 139.9375 Fixed repeater
ES156 12 142.9500 139.9500 Fixed repeater
ES157 13 142.9625 139.9625 Fixed repeater
ES158 19 142.9750 139.9750 Fixed repeater
ES159 142.9875 139.9875 Fixed repeater
ES163 20 143.0375 140.0375 Portable field repeater
ES164 143.0500 140.0500 Emergency liaison repeater
ESX4 140.5500 140.5500 Simplex
ESX10 140.6250 140.6250 Simplex
ESX39 140.9875 140.9875 Emergency liaison simplex - licensed to MoCD

HF SSB Frequencies

The frequency plan is based on a National and Zone structure, with an additional set of frequencies being reserved primarily for Raoul and the Southern Islands. In addition to the National and Zone frequency sets, three Area Working Frequency sets have been created for high use areas to manage congestion i.e Otago and Southland.

DoC Central Zone Call 2.2640
DoC Central Zone Call 3.2790
DoC Central Zone Call 4.6160
DoC Central Zone Call 5.8540
DoC National Zone Call 2.3480
DoC National Zone Call 3.1860
DoC National Zone Call 4.4870
DoC National Zone Call 5.7340
DoC National Zone Call 7.8900
DoC Northern Zone Call 2.1950
DoC Northern Zone Call 3.3050
DoC Northern Zone Call 4.6220
DoC Northern Zone Call 5.8240
DoC Otago Wkg 3.2640
DoC Otago Wkg 4.8800
Doc Raoul Island 9.2750
Doc Raoul Island 13.4500
DoC Southern Zone Call 2.4740
DoC Southern Zone Call 3.1620
DoC Southern Zone Call 4.6190
DoC Southern Zone Call 5.8660
DoC Southland A Wkg 3.2400
DoC Southland A Wkg 4.4930
DoC Southland B Wkg 3.3360
DoC Southland B Wkg 4.5860
DoC Sub Antarctic Islands 4.6010
DoC Sub Antarctic Islands 5.2250
DoC Sub Antarctic Islands 7.8900
DoC Sub Antarctic Islands 8.0800
DoC Sub Antarctic Islands 9.9500

The DOC HF communication system is based on the use of 6 radio sites with telephone interconnects to provide for health and safety communications and routine operational traffic between staff in the field and their local office. Three of the sites (NTI, National Telephone Interconnects) are accessed using a National Frequency Set and primarily for health and safety communications. The NTI’s are located at Pureora, Hanmer, and Tapanui. The remaining three sites (BTI, Base Telephone Interconnect) are accessed using three different Zone Calling Frequency Sets and are used for routine operational traffic. The TI’s are located at the Pipiriki, Hokitika, and Glenorchy DOC bases.

The HF system is primarily for OSH purposes but in an emergency..... Where someone or something (ie a remote hut or field party) is located in an area where there is no VHF repeater coverage then they can use the HF radios for their comms. The base radio in these situations can have no human component - the radio scans the programmed frequencies and when an incoming call is received it locks onto that channel processes the telcall and connects the radio to the phone line and the call goes thru to the recipient.

Frequencies used for liaison with other services

Mountain Radio Sth Island 3.261 (and 3.336 secondary)
Mountain Radio Nth Island 3.345
Search & Rescue 3.0230
Search & Rescue 5.6800