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Aviation Frequencies

118.100     Ardmore Tower 
118.500     Auckland Information
118.700     Auckland Tower 
119.500     Auckland Control Central 
120.100     Ardmore Tower 
120.400     Auckland VFR  
120.500     Auckland Area Control 
121.000     Ardmore ATIS 
121.900     Auckland Ground 
123.000     Auckland International Apron 
123.900     Auckland Oceanic Control 
124.300     Auckland North Control 
125.500     Auckland Control Central NI 
125.700     RNZAF Whenuapai AFB PAR 
126.000     Auckland Control South 
127.000     Auckland ATIS 
127.100     Auckland Information Northland 
127.800     Auckland ATIS 
128.300     RNZAF Whenuapai AFB ATIS 
129.600     Auckland Control 
131.550     ACARS Data 
132.900     Auckland Ramp 
133.050     Mercer Traffic, Pokeno Traffic 
134.500     RNZAF Whenuapai AFB Tower 
255.400     RNZAF Whenuapai AFB Tower 
270.600     RNZAF Whenuapai AFB PAR

Airline Codes

CX     Cathay Pacific
DJ     Pacific Blue
EK     Emirates
FJ     Air Pacific
LA     Lan
NZ     Air New Zealand
QF     Qantas
SQ     Singapore Airlines
TG     Thai 

Air New Zealand Flight Numbers and Destinations

  NZ1     LHR/AKL via LAX
  NZ2     AKL/LHR via LAX
  NZ5     LAX/MEL via AKL
  NZ6     MEL/LAX via AKL
  NZ7     SFO/AKL
  NZ8     AKL/SFO
  NZ9     HNL/AKL
 NZ10     AKL/HNL
 NZ20     AKL/LAX via NAN
 NZ21     NAN/AKL
 NZ23     LAX/AKL via PPT and RAR
 NZ26     AKL/LAX via TBU and APW
 NZ27     LAX/AKL via APW and TBU
 NZ28     AKL/LAX via RAR and PPT
 NZ38     LHR/AKL via HKG
 NZ39     AKL/LHR via HKG
 NZ40     AKL/PPT
 NZ41     PPT/AKL
 NZ44     AKL/NAN
 NZ45     RAR/AKL
 NZ46     AKL/RAR
 NZ47     NAN/AKL
 NZ60     AKL/APW
 NZ61     APW/AKL
 NZ63     TBU/AKL
 NZ64     AKL/TBU
 NZ65     TBU/AKL
 NZ74     AKL/IUE
 NZ75     IUE/AKL
 NZ81     AKL/SIN
 NZ82     SIN/AKL
 NZ83     YVR/AKL
 NZ84     AKL/YVR
 NZ88     PVG/AKL
 NZ89     AKL/PVG
 NZ90     NRT/AKL (via CHC)
 NZ97     AKL/KIX
 NZ98     KIX/AKL (via CHC)
 NZ99     AKL/NRT
NZ100     SYD/AKL
NZ101     AKL/SYD
NZ102     SYD/AKL
NZ103     AKL/SYD
NZ104     SYD/AKL
NZ105     AKL/SYD
NZ106     SYD/AKL
NZ107     AKL/SYD
NZ118     SYD/AKL
NZ119     AKL/SYD
NZ135     AKL/BNE
NZ136     BNE/AKL
NZ175     AKL/PER
NZ176     PER/AKL
NZ214     AKL/NLK
NZ215     NLK/AKL
NZ700     SYD/AKL
NZ703     AKL/SYD
NZ704     SYD/AKL
NZ707     AKL/SYD
NZ717     AKL/SYD
NZ718     SYD/AKL
NZ719     AKL/SYD
NZ725     AKL/MEL
NZ726     MEL/AKL
NZ737     AKL/BNE
NZ738     BNE/AKL
NZ741     WLG/SYD
NZ742     SYD/WLG
NZ743     WLG/SYD
NZ744     SYD/WLG
NZ751     WLG/MEL
NZ752     MEL/WLG
NZ753     WLG/MEL
NZ754     MEL/WLG
NZ761     WLG/BNE
NZ762     BNE/WLG
NZ763     WLG/BNE
NZ764     BNE/WLG
NZ772     CNS/AKL
NZ773     AKL/CNS
NZ781     CHC/SYD
NZ782     SYD/CHC
NZ783     CHC/SYD
NZ784     SYD/CHC
NZ791     CHC/MEL
NZ792     MEL/CHC
NZ794     CHC/MEL
NZ794     MEL/CHC
NZ802     BNE/CHC
NZ807     CHC/BNE
NZ821     AKL/ADL
NZ822     ADL/AKL
NZ840     CHC/RAR
NZ845     RAR/AKL
NZ846     AKL/RAR
NZ848     AKL/RAR
NZ849     RAR/AKL
NZ852     AKL/NAN
NZ853     NAN/AKL
NZ860     AKL/APW
NZ861     APW/AKL
NZ862     AKL/APW
NZ863     APW/AKL
NZ865     TBU/AKL
NZ866     AKL/TBU
NZ872     AKL/NOU
NZ873     NOU/AKL
NZ878     AKL/VLI
NZ879     VLI/AKL
NZ881     RAR/CHC

Other Frequencies

Auckland Bus Companies:

Waiheke Bus:
457.99375 CN215 tone 250.3

Birkenhead Transport Ltd
464.16875 Tone 162.2

Surflife Saving Northern Region:

Vector Arena

Commercial users
Winstone Quarry
453.38125   tone 107.2

Mcentee Hire
463.1000     tone 210.7

AK Zoo
465.00625   tone 218.1

Heb Farms
464.800     tone 179.9 (rptr)
466.85625   tone 67.0 (simplex)

Pascoes Transport (Papakura)
163.37500  tone 186.2

151.0250   tone 173.8

S & D Transport (Dissolved April 2015)
152.9500  tone 141.3

151.8000  tone 179.9

Hobby network
153.56875...>150.6875 tone 82.5 (this repeater uses two linked simplex freq's)

Couriers (need to be id'd)

487.5000   tone 114.8