Police Callsign Types

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Callsign Format

Police unit callsigns have the first two letters of their home station (eg HN for Hamilton), then usually one (or two) letters for the unit type (e.g. S for sergeant), then numbers for the unique unit or shift group.


  • HNS1 is Hamilton general duties sergeant section 1.
  • TNI3 is Takapuna I-Car (General Duties), Late Shift
  • SVH13 is an Auckland Motorways Traffic unit

Home station

For a list of the home station codes, see Category:Police callsigns for a list of each region page with police callsigns.

Special callsigns

Occasionally non standard callsigns are usedfor special purposes.

  • Zero Alpha = Armed Offender Squad incident control point.
  • Northcomm Alpha = Shift Commander, Northern Comm Centre
  • Central Alpha = Shift Commander, Central Comm Centre
  • Southcomm Alpha = Shift Commander, Southern Comm Centre
  • DCC = District Command Center

Unit type

Unit type codes (third letter) are as follows:

Code Description
A Commissioned officer (inspector)
B Beat Unit
C Crime Car (CIB patrol for initial attendance at serious crimes)
CP Community Watch/Patrol
D Dog patrol / Delta
E Uniform Enquiry unit
F Fingerprints/Photographs
G Logistics
H HighwayPatrol traffic unit
I Incident Patrol (Uniform)
J Combined investigative unit
K Scene of Crime officer
L Police Launch
M Mounted patrol (Motorcycle/Bicycles)
N Senior Sergeant
O Community Constable
P Team Policing Unit
Q Single crewed unit attends historic/non urgent incidents
R Rural Constable
S General Duties Sergeant
T General Traffic unit
U Motorways Unit
V Traffic Sergeant
W Misc Traffic units (Speed Cameras/Commercial Vehicle investigation units)
X Misc CIB units
Y Youth Aid/Education
Z Diplomatic Protection Squad