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* [[:Category:Fire]]
* [[:Category:Fire]]
== NZ Ambulance Service Radio Codes ==
== Ambulance Radio Codes ==
* [[ProQA  | Ambulance ProQA Job description codes]]
* [[ProQA  | Ambulance ProQA Job description codes]]
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* [[Priority |Ambulance Response Priority Codes]]
* [[Priority |Ambulance Response Priority Codes]]
* [[GCS    |Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)]]
* [[GCS    |Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)]]
* [[Helicopter | Helicopter Callsigns]]
* [[Rescue Helicopter Callsigns| Helicopter Callsigns]]
* [[ Response | Helicopter response codes ]]
* [[ Response | Helicopter response codes ]]
* [[:Category:Ambulance]]
* [[:Category:Ambulance]]

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Fire and Emergency New Zealand

ESA Band

Search Pair: 75.2250MHz~79.96875MHz, FM Modulation, 12.5kHz & 25kHz Channel Spacing.


Base MHz Channel Description
75.4750 ESA 21 Hutt
75.5250 ESA 25 Kapiti
75.5875 ESA 30 Wrights Hill
75.5875 ESA 30 Forest Heights
75.5875 ESA 30 Mt Eringa
75.9625 ESA 60 Mount Kaukau
79.1900 Simplex

ESB Band

Search Pair: 138.01250~143.9875MHz, FM Modulation, 12.5kHz Channel Spacing.

Base MHz Channel Description
143.05000 ESB 164 Repeater chnl 20
143.25000 ESB 180 Liaise Duplex chnl 21
140.61000 Fire 4 High
140.92500 ESX 34 Fire 3 High
140.98750 ESX 39 Liaise Simplex chnl 10
143.78750 ESX 63 Fire 2 High
143.82500 ESX 66 Fire 1 High

Also see National Data > Fire National Frequencies

NZ Ambulance Service

Wellington Free Ambulance Area Peka Peka to the top of the Rimutakas South See Ambulance and other photos here.

Now operating on Police Trunking Radio network. Using Various UHF & VHF Sites


2250 - Wellington Main Dispatch Channel

Dispatcher ID: 2000001

2251 - Patient Transfer

Dispatcher ID: 2000002

2252 - Unknown

2253 - Unknown

2254 - Unknown

Portables Radios ID's are 21181xx

Mobile radio ID's are 21164xx 21184xx

ESB Band

All CTCSS are 233.6

Search Pair: 138.01250~143.9875MHz, FM Modulation, 12.5kHz Channel Spacing.

Base MHz Channel Description
141.42500 ESB 34 Wrights Hill Wellington
141.38750 ESB 31 Mt Clime Hutt
141.40000 ESB 32 Puke Bay Kapiti
141.37500 ESB 30 Forest Heights Otaki
140.6500 ESX 12 Simplex

423.1625 Wairarapa Link need confirmation this is still working

Aviation Bands

AR Band

Search Pair: 118.000 MHz~135.9755MHz, AM Modulation, 12.5kHz Channel Spacing.

Base MHz Channel Description
119.10000 ACX45 General Aviation talk
118.80000 ACX33 Wellington Tower
119.30000 ACX53 Wellington Approach
121.30000 ACX133 Wellington Information
121.90000 ACX157 Wellington Ground
122.30000 ACX173 Wellington Departure
118.30000 ACX13 Paraparaumu Unattended
130.35000 ARX14 Air NZ
133.55000 ARX118 Gliders
133.90000 ARX132 Fuelers
126.90000 ACX357 ATIS

See also: RSM Aeronautical Bands PDF

Maritime Bands

MM Band

Search Pair: 156.0125MHz~162.200MHz, FM Modulation, 25kHz Channel Spacing.

Base MHz Ship MHz Channel Description
160.625 156.125 MM62 Wellington Coast
160.800 156.200 MM4 Wgtn Harbour Radio Palliser
156.425 156.425 MM68 Picton Maritime
156.475 156.475 MM69 Maritime
156.575 156.575 MM71 Wellington Maritime
156.700 156.700 MM14 Wellington Harbour Radio Beacon Hill
156.800 156.800 MM16 Calling-Distress
156.500 156.500 MM10 Wellington Harbour Tugs/Pilot
156.600 156.600 MM12 Wellington Harbour Tugs/Pilot
156.650 156.650 MM13 Wellington Harbour Tugs/Pilot
See also: National Data > Marine VHF Frequencies
RSM Maritime HF and VHF Bands PDF

Civil Defence

MHz Description
140.9875 Horowhenua
141.0500 Colonial Knob
141.0625 Mt Eringa
143.0500 Waipura
149.4000 Makara High
149.4250 WCC HQ
149.7250 WCC Kaukau
149.8500 Upper Hutt
149.8250 WCC
149.7750 NATIONAL

See also National Data > Ministry of Civil Defence National Frequencies


Freq Chan Description
462.61875 DN65 US Embassy
463.08125 DN102 US Embassy
464.46875 DN213 US Embassy Security

Rail Service

CH	RX FREQ	        Area Covered

4	152.35000       Wellington to Maymorn (Wairarapa Line)
12	152.03750	Wellington - Otaki (North Island Main Trunk Line)	
14	152.36250	Wellington to Johnsonville (Johnsonville Line)
MHz Description
151.9750 Kapiti Rail
453.3625 Rail Ferry 1
453.4375 Rail Yard
453.4875 Rail Hutt
453.5125 Yard
453.5625 Rail Ferry 2

See also National Data > Railways Frequencies


Department of Conservation

VHF repeaters

MHz Location
142.4625 Mt Baker - southern Rimutaka
142.5375 Kapiti Island
142.5500 Cone - Tararua Range


MHz Description
456.5250 Victoria University
461.8300 Stagecoach Buses
463.4750 Parliament Security
466.8625 Strait Shipping Ltd
478.6150 Massey University

NZ Police Analogue (Historic)


Analogue frequencies listed below are for historic purpose only. As of June 2009 the Project 25 (P25) digital radio system has been deployed in the Wellington area (Wellington City, Upper Hutt, Kapiti, Mana and the Wairarapa) for NZ Police.

ESA Band

Search Pair: 75.2250MHz~79.96875MHz, FM Modulation, 12.5kHz & 25kHz Channel Spacing.

Wellington Channel

Base MHz Channel Description
75.55000 ESA 27 Wellington Wrights Hill
75.62500 ESA 33 Wellington North
75.76250 ESA 44 Wellington South
75.88750 ESA 54 Wellington Area Two

Hutt Channel

Base MHz Channel Description
75.22500 ESA 1 Lower Hutt
75.25000 ESA 3 Upper Hutt
075.8625 ESA 52 Hutt Area Two

Mana Channel

Base MHz Mobile MHz Channel Description
75.71250 ESA 40 Mana
75.73750 ESA 42 Mana Unknown
76.03750 ESA 66 Mana Paraparaumu
76.06250 ESA 68 Mana Pukerua Bay
76.08750 ESA 70 Mana Porirua
76.1125 ESA 72 Mana
75.8125 ESA 48 Mana Area Two

F Band

Search Pair: 470.50625MHz~493.99375MHz, FM Modulation, 12.5kHz & 25kHz Channel Spacing.

Wellington Channel

Base MHz Channel Description
485.2250 F 210 Wellington
486.0500 F 243 Wellington
486.6500 F 267 Wellington
486.6750 F 268 Wellington
486.8500 F 275 Wellington
487.7750 F 312 Wellington
487.8500 F 315 Wellington
485.2000 F 209 Wellington Airport

Hutt Channel

Base MHz Channel Description
484.4250 F 178 Hutt
485.2500 F 211 Hutt
486.5500 F 263 Hutt
486.5750 F 264 Hutt
486.6000 F 265 Hutt
486.7250 F 270 Hutt
487.3250 F 294 Hutt

Non-Geograpic Channels

Base MHz Channel Description
485.3300 Area Two
485.3500 Area Two
485.4300 Area Two
485.9300 Area Two
486.0000 Area Two
486.7000 Area Two
488.0000 SIMPLEX
488.0250 Dog Simplex

Also see National Data > Police Cross Band Freqencies

NZ Police Digital

The P25 implementation for NZ Police in the ESB and ESC bands includes a DES/AES encryption layer securing the radio network from unauthorized monitoring. Although modern digital scanners are able to DECODE these signals, they are unable to DECRYPT them.

Currently there are a number of projects in development to monitor and analyse P25 radio networks.

ESB Band

Search Pair: 138.01250~143.9875MHz, FM Modulation, 12.5kHz Channel Spacing.

Base MHz Mobile MHz Channel Description

ESC Band

Search Pair: 494.00625MHz~501.987500MHz, FM & C4FM Modulation, 12.5kHz Channel Spacing.

Base MHz Mobile λ Channel Description

Wellington Radio Callsigns

NZ Police Callsigns

Callsign Format

Police unit callsigns have the first two letters of their home station (eg HN for Hamilton), then usually one (or two) letters for the unit type (e.g. S for sergeant), then numbers for the unique unit or shift group.


  • HNS1 is Hamilton general duties sergeant section 1.
  • TNI3 is Takapuna I-Car (General Duties), Late Shift
  • SVH13 is an Auckland Motorways Traffic unit


Callsign Area Description
CTR Carterton I (Incident) Car
FSR Featherston I Car
GTR Greytown I Car
LHI Lower Hutt I Car
LHS Lower Hutt Sergeant
LHT Lower Hutt Traffic
LHV Lower Hutt Traffic Sergeant
MSS Masterton Sergeant
MST Masterton Traffic
WBI Wainuiomata I Car
WBCP Wainuiomata Community Patrol
UPI Upper Hutt I Car
UPS Upper Hutt Sergeant
UPT Upper Hutt Traffic
KLI Kilbirnie I (Incident) Car

NZ Fire Service Callsigns

These are stations covered by the Wellington fire channel. For information about the differences between Career, Composite and Volunteer stations, see Fire terminology. For information about vehicle callsigns, see Fire vehicles.


Station Station # Crewing Callsigns
Wellington City 21 Career WELL215, WELL217, WELL2114
Newtown 22 Career NEWT221
Thorndon 23 Career THOR231, THOR236
Kilburnie 24 Composite KILB241 (Career), KILB2426 (Volunteer)
Brooklyn 25 Career BROO251
Karori 26 Career KARO261
Johnsonville 28 Composite JOHN281, JOHN287
Newlands 29 Volunteer NEWL291
Porirua 31 Composite PORI311, PORI317, PORI3110* (Career) PORI312 (Volunteer)
Tawa 33 Volunteer TAWA331, TAWA332
Titahi Bay 34 Volunteer TITA341
Plimerton 35 Volunteer PLIM351
Paekakarki 36 Volunteer PAEK361
Paraparaumu 37 Composite PARA371, PARA377, PARA3726
Waikanae 38 Volunteer WAIK381, WAIK387, WAIK3829
Otaki 41 Volunteer OTAK411, OTAK417
Hutt 40 Career HUTT407
Avalon 41 Career AVAL414, AVAL4115
Seaview 42 Composite SEAV421 (Career) SEAV422 (Volunteer), SEAV4212*
Stokes Valley 43 Volunteer STOK431, STOK432
Wainuiomata 44 Volunteer WAIN441, WAIN447, WAIN4426
Eastbourne 46 Volunteer EAST461
Silverstream 47 Volunteer SILV471
Trentham 48 Composite TREN481 (Volunteer), TREN487 (Career), TREN4810*
Rimutaka 49 Composite RIMU491 (Career), RIMU4926, RIMU4928 (Volunteer)
Ngawi 51 Volunteer NGAW5171
Lake Ferry 52 Volunteer LAKE5271, LAKE5275
Mauriceville 53 Volunteer MAUR5371
Wainuioru 54 Volunteer WAIN5471
Castlepoint 55 Volunteer CAST5571
Tinui 56 Volunteer TINU5671
Tora 57 Volunteer TORA5871, TORA5875
Riversdale Beach 59 Volunteer RIVE5971
Masterton 61 Composite MAST611, MAST612, MAST613, MAST617, MAST6110
Carterton 62 Volunteer CART621, CART622, CART6229
Featherston 63 Volunteer FEAT631, FEAT632, FEAT6326
Greytown 64 Volunteer GREY642, GREY647
Martinbrough 65 Volunteer MART651, MART652, MART6529
  • Appliances marked with a * are 'Crossmanned'. Staff from another appliance will crew this vehicle when it is required at a call.

Bush Forces

Wainuiomata Bush Fire Force (Hutt City Council)

9571 2002 Mitsubishi Canter
9572 1999 Mitsubishi Canter
9573 1994 Toyota Hilux
9574 Nissan Safari
9575 1974 Toyota Landcruiser
HUTT DPRFO 1998 Toyota Hiace

Upper Hutt Rural Fire (Upper Hutt City Council)

9410 1999 Ford Courier
9425 1994 Mitsubishi Canter
9471 1995 Toyota Dyna
9472 2002 Isuzu NPS300
9475 1981 Mitsubishi Fuso
9480 1988 Nissan Civillian
UH DPRFO 2002 Ford Courier
UHRFO02 2003 Mitsubishi Triton

Wellington Rural Fire Force (Wellington City Council)

WELL9271 Toyota Dyna (Smoke Chaser)
WELL9272 Toyota Hilux (Fire Response)
WELL9273 Toyota Hilux (Fire Response)
WELL9275 Hino (Tanker)
WELL9226 Mitsubishi L300 (Support/Troop Carrier)
WELL9280 Mitsubishi Rosa (Command Vehicle)

NZ Ambulance Service Callsigns

Callsign = Station that the vechicle origanated (e.g city one means the vechicle originated from city station)

If the vechicle prefix is:

  • 0* = Ambulance
  • 2* = Patient Transfer Service
  • 8* = Special Event Ambulance
  • 9* = General Event Ambulance

The digit after the number is the unit in order of the shift so first unit of the day in order

Wellington Free Ambulance

Callsign Description
Thorndon 1
Thorndon 2
Thorndon 91
Newtown 1
Newtown 21 Patient Transport (PTO)
Lower Hutt 1
Lower Hutt 2
Lower Hutt 21 Patient Transport (PTO)
Lower Hutt 91
Upper Hutt 1
Porirua 1
Porirua 2
Porirua 21 Patient Transport (PTO)
Paraparaumu 1
Paraparaumu 2
Paraparaumu 3
Wainuiomata 1
Rescue 1 4x4 Rescue
Rescue 2 4x4 Rescue/workshop
Oscar (1-4 depending on shift)
A1Well Westpac Rescue Helicopter
CAS 1 Wellington Hospital ED
CAS 2 Hutt Hospital ED

Wellington Radio Codes

NZ Police Radio Codes

NZ Fire Service Radio Codes

Ambulance Radio Codes