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Raglan 1
Raglan 1
Huntly 1
Huntly 1
Morrinsville 1
Morrinsville 1, 2
Te Awamutu 1
Te Awamutu 1
Te Kauwhata 1
Te Kauwhata 1

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Waikato Area

Ambulance Callsigns

Chartwell 1
Hamilton  1, 2, Station 
Waikato Hospital
Raglan 1
Huntly 1
Morrinsville 1, 2
Te Awamutu 1
Te Kauwhata 1

Ambulance Frequencies


Fire Callsigns

36 Morrinsville  - MORR361, MORR367, MORR3611
41 Hamilton      - HAMI411, HAMI412, HAMI413, HAMI415, HAMI4116, HAMI4126, HAMI4129
42 Chartwell     - CHAR427, CHAR4226
42 Pukete        - PUKE431
44 Cambridge     - CAMB441, CAMB447, CAMB4411
45 Te Awamutu    - TEAW451, TEAW457, TEAW4511
52 Ngatea        - NGAT527
55 Thames        - THAM551, THAM557
58 Pirongia      - PIRO5871, PIRO5877

Fire Frequencies

 76.1500  Hamilton Fire. Covers Hamilton and surrounding within 50km. Outside 50km use Waikato Police Rural.
          Raglan believed to use Hamilton1 (Police).
          Highly recommend using external antenna to get reception of this freq.
 76.5750  Waikato Fire
 455.1375 Portables - FireGround1

Police Callsigns

BD Bennydale
BW Waihi Beach
CB Cambridge
CM Coromandel
CS Chartwell/Flagstaff
DI Dinsdale
FA Kawhia
FI Paeroa
HN Hamilton City
HL Hamilton City
HR Hamilton Rural (Generally Highway Patrol cars, and WB units 'The Brat Pack')
HY Huntly
HZ Hamilton District
KZ Te Kauwhata
MA Matamata
MO Morrinsville
NG Ngaruawahia
NT Ngatea
OG Otorohanga
PX Pio Pio
RG Raglan
TA Te Awamutu
TH Thames
TR Te Aroha
TT Te Kuiti
VG Whangamata
VT Whitianga
WI Waihi
XR Tairua

* Specialist Callsigns
CSCP       Chartwell/Fairfield Community Patrol
DICP       Dinsdale Community Patrol
HL Bail3   Apparently a bail car for section 3 (Not heard other sections)
HNCP       Hamilton City Community Patrol
HRW81-84 Camera Vans
HRW91, 92   Serious Crash
WBS, 1-5    Brat Pack
W71-79      TAG Units

Police Frequencies

Auckland South

 76.0375  (received with an external aerial in Hamilton)
 76.3625(received with an external aerial in Hamilton)

Auckland Metro

 75.9125 (received with an external aerial in Hamilton)

Hamilton 1

 75.7375 City +
485.9000 City
485.2250 Rural Reception (South of Hamilton)
486.6250 Rural Reception (North of Hamilton)

Hamilton 2

 75.5000 City
485.9250 City


 75.7125 (received with an external aerial in Hamilton)

Waikato Aux

 Used like Ham2.  Sometimes linked with Ham2 to make a checks channel for all of Waikato.

New Plymouth

76.0875 (received with an external aerial in Hamilton)

Waikato North

485.3000 Huntly
486.1250 Paeroa
485.2750 Waihi

Waikato South

 75.6875 Cambridge 
485.3000 Cambridge
484.9500 Te Aroha
487.2000 Matamata
485.3250 Te Awamutu

Waikato North and South make up Waikato Rural - can be split.

Aircraft Frequencies

 128.6000 Hamilton ATIS 
 125.9000 Hamilton Tower
 125.3000 Hamilton Approach (Auckland Control)

Other Frequencies

455.1625  Westfield Chartwell Security/Management/Cleaners
453.3625  CentrePlace/Downtown Plaza Security/Management/Cleaners
457.28125 Waikato Security Services (Static Officers)
456.1750  University Security