Scanning Search and Rescue in Auckland

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Water Search and Rescue


156.8000     16     Distress/calling
161.6250     80     Coastguard Skytower repeater
161.6750     81     Coastguard Manukau Heads repeater
161.7250     82     Coastguard Moehau repeater
161.8250     84     Coastguard Kaipara repeater
161.8750     85     Coastguard Tutukaka repeater
859.7125            Coastguard UHF Tokatea EDACS trunking site

Surf Lifesaving Northern Region

RADIO TRAINING GUIDELINES Edition 2 - has some interesting information about schedules and the Surfcom network. [1]

All repeaters linked.
152.70000     Repeaters at Bethells, Muriwai, Whangarei,
              Whangaparoa, Sunset Beach, Raglan. CTCSS 162.2  
153.32500     Repeaters at Piha, Cape Rodney. CTCSS 186.
162.67500     Reapeater Waitakere Ranges CTCSS 186.2
153.43125     All Beaches Simplex
420.3125      Surf Link 

Radios used by Surf lifeguards are Motorola GP328 and GP629 handsets programmed with the following channels:

1: Rescue Network - transmits over all repeaters
2: Local Area - transmits over local repeater only
3: Simplex
4: Backup Rescue Network - next closest repeater
5: "Scan" - Transmit on simplex, monitor rescue network, VHF16, VHF69
6: VHF69
16: Marine VHF16

Some clubs will have other channels programmed, eg Raglan has coastguard on 7 


Surfcom: Communications hub colocated with coastguard at the Marine Rescue Center

Support 1: Jetski based at Bethells beach, operated independent of the beach patrol
Support 2: Jetski, not normally deployed
Support 3: Westpac Rescue helicopter with specially trained lifeguard on board/standby

Westpac 1: Westpac Rescue helicopter 1 (operates on Rescue network and simplex)
Westpac 2: Westpac Rescue helicopter 2 (operates on Rescue network and simplex)
Helimed 1: Northland Helicopter (operates on VHF69)
Westpac Waikato: Waikato based Helicopter (operates on VHF69)
Police Eagle: Police Eagle helicopter (has ability to work on rescue network)

Surf 92: West and Northern paid guard coordinator
Surf 6: North shore beaches coordinator

Beach Name or Beach Name Tower: Main patrol tower on a beach
Beach Name IRB (1,2,3,4): Inflatable rescue boat based at beach
Beach Name Flags: Lifeguard(s) based at the flags, near the waters edge on the beach
Beach Name Moble/ATV: Quad bike or Rhino at a beach
Beach Name Base: The lifesaving club building

Land Search and Rescue

Police Search and Rescue Squad

141.7125     Portable repeater
140.5875     Simplex

NZ Land Search and Rescue

                                          Chan  CTCSS
140.5875     Simplex                      ESX7  141.3
143.6625     Simplex                      ESX53 141.3
141.7125     Repeater                     ESB57 141.3
141.7250     Repeater                     ESB58 141.3
141.7375     Repeater                     ESB59 141.3
141.7500     Repeater                     ESB60 141.3
161.1500     Repeater                     MS8   None
161.3750     Repeater                     MS17  None
163.7250     Repeater Hunua               EE122 141.3
164.6500     Repeater                     EE196 141.3
158.7250     Simplex Air/Ground           MS27  None

Department of Conservation

143.0375     Portable repeater
142.4500     Tamahanga repeater (Wellsford)
142.4625     Coromandel repeater
142.4875     Hunua repeater
142.5000     Waitakere repeater
142.5250     Great Barrier Island repeater

Air-Ground SAR

129.9000     Westpac Rescue Helicopter
133.0500     Coastguard Air Patrol
131.3000     Police Air-Ground
158.7250     Airforce Air-Ground


International HF SAR Frequencies


HF Marine Distress and Calling