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OO    Waiheke Island
OO    Waiheke Island
PB    Ponsonby
PB    Ponsonby
PD    Parnell
PF    Point Chevalier
PF    Point Chevalier
SH    Saint Heliers
SH    Saint Heliers

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Digital Network

Now active in most areas of Auckland

The P25 implementation for NZ Police in the ESB (VHF138 - 144 MHz) and ESC (UHF494 - 502 MHz) bands includes a AES encryption layer securing the radio network from unauthorized monitoring. Although modern digital scanners are able to DECODE these signals, they are unable to DECRYPT them.

Tait Communications, APCO P25 Enabled, ([AES-256] bit strength keys Digital Encrypted) Police radios in use. Rolling OTA encryption keycodes

Auckland Police Talk Groups.

Talk Groups. Channel Dispatcher ID.

3030              8160101
3031              8160102
3032              8160103
3033              8160104
3034              8160105
3035              8160106
3036              8160107
3037              8160108
3038              8160109
3039              8160110
3040              8160111
3041              8160112
3042              8160113
20001             New Zealand Customs
3080              Ambulance

VHF Analogue Coverage - Auckland Region

Still active

Area 1 and Area 2 remain active. These VHF analogue channels are linked to Waikato Rural and Northland to provide coverage for units from those areas that may travel into the Auckland Region and out of coverage of their own channels. There is no UHF coverage of these channels.

Area 1 - Linked to Waikato Rural Channel


Area 2 - Linked to Northland Channel


Police Callsigns

All Auckland

AA     Auckland Metro Crime and Operations Services
R1     Regional units

Central (AK City 1 Secure)

AC     Auckland City District HQ
AK     Auckland Central Station
AV     Avondale
BL     Balmoral
BY     Blockhouse Bay
CC     City Central
CE     Eastern Area HQ
CP     City Central
CW     Western Area HQ
DT     City Central
EG     Mount Wellington
EL     Ellerslie
GA     Grafton
GB     Great Barrier Island
GI     Glen Innes
GL     Grey Lynn
MR     Mount Roskill
NM     Newmarket
ON     Onehunga
OO     Waiheke Island
PB     Ponsonby
PD     Parnell
PF     Point Chevalier
SH     Saint Heliers
SL     Saint Lukes


ART    Armed Response Team
CV     Commercial Vehicle Safety Team (formerly CVIU)
IPT    Impairment Prevention Team 
LET    Law Enforcement Team
SCU    Serious Crash Unit
SV     Auckland Motorways

North (Waitemata 1 Secure)

North Shore Area:
AN     North Shore Area HQ
AY     Albany
BB     Browns Bay
BK     Birkenhead 
DP     Devonport
GF     Glenfield
NF     North Shore Policing Centre (Sunnynook)
TN     Takapuna
WD     Waitemata District

Rodney Area:
FP     Whangaparoa
GW     Mangawhai
HE     Helensville
KE     Kumeu
OW     Orewa
RE     Rodney Area HQ
SB     Snells Beach
VW     Warkworth 
WJ     Wellsford

South (Counties 1 & Counties 3 Secure)

BE     Beachlands
CM     Counties Manukau District
DC     Counties Manukau Central Area HQ
DE     Counties Manukau Eastern Area HQ
DW     Counties Manukau Western Area HQ
DS     Counties Manukau Southern Area HQ
FR     Franklin
HI     Howick 
IA     Auckland International Airport
MN     Manurewa
OE     Otara
OH     Otahuhu
PK     Papakura
PU     Pukekohe
RY     Mangere
TX     Tuakau
VU     Waiuku

West (Waitemata 2 Secure)

AT     Te Atatu
AW     Waitakere Area HQ
GE     Glen Eden
HS     Henderson
NL     New Lynn
RQ     Ranui
SZ     Massey