Scanning Ambulance in Auckland / Coromandel

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Ambulance Frequencies

Two primary dispatch channels cover the Auckland Metropolitan area. The Auckland channel covers Auckland City, North Shore, Rodney and Waitakere areas using 5 linked repeaters. The South Auckland channel uses 2 linked repeaters to cover Manukau City and the Papakura and Franklin districts. Other ambulance channels that can be monitored in Auckland cover the Coromandel and North Waikato areas. Northland Channels can be monitored via a UHF feed on 484.45MHz. PTS Services use the PTS channel during the day, and the North Auckland channel at night.

Auckland Metropolitan Frequencies

Frequency    Area/Use                   Repeater                  CTCSS        Group

141.3250     Patient Transfer 
             Events & Special Ops       Skytower                  114.8        PTS 

141.3750     Pukekohe / Tuakau          Mt Puketutu               186.2        South Auckland
141.4875     Manukau                    Manurewa                  186.2        South Auckland

141.3875     Warkworth                  Kraacks Hill              186.2        North Auckland
141.4125     Auckland Central           Skytower                  186.2        North Auckland
141.4375     Albany                     Torbay                    186.2        North Auckland
141.4500     Helensville                Paehoka Hill              186.2        North Auckland
141.4750     Waitakere                  Quinns Rd                 186.2        North Auckland

484.4500     Northland Relay            Skytower                  None

Coromandel Frequencies

Frequency    Area/Use                   Repeater                  CTCSS        Group

141.3250     Waihi                      Matangia                  186.2        Coromandel
141.3375     Coromandel                 Tokatea                   186.2        Coromandel
141.3500     Thames                     Maungakawa                186.2        Coromandel
141.3625     Tairua                     Tairua Lookout            186.2        Coromandel

Other Frequencies

Frequency     Area/Use                             Repeater              CTCSS  

141.4250      Auckland Hospital Orderlies          Auckland Hospital      67.0 
151.6625      Auckland District Health Board       Auckland Hospital     162.2           
129.9000      Westpac Rescue flight following    

141.4625      North Waikato                        Maungakawa            162.2