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Welcome to Radio Wiki!

For those who don't know, the Wiki format allows anyone and everyone to make changes to anything and everything. Just click the edit link to the right hand side of the section you want to edit and let your creativity and data fly.

13/07/2014 - Unfortunately due to massive amounts of spam and bot accounts that we have been getting we have had to rebuild the Wiki and re-import the data. This means that you will need to create a new account. At the moment the process for account creation is a manual one so please join the mailing list and introduce yourself and we will create an account.

The first time you click edit, you will have to create a login, then click the confirmation link in the email you receive soon after. After that you are free to make changes and additions as you can and wish. (Should someone go crazy and wreck it there are various options to roll back to previous states but we are all going to benefit greatly from this so we are all going to be responsible and sensible!!)

Please bear the following in mind:
- Do NOT just cut and paste data from other websites or sources!
- Check out the links to the left, especially the "Help" one
- Data that is common to all of New Zealand should be put in the National Data Page

Thanks for your contribution!!

The e-mail lists formerly hosted at are now hosted by
If you wish to subscribe to "The List" which is for general scanning and related questions and discussion this is the page to visit.
If you wish to subscribe to "10-1" which is strictly for breaking news this is the page to visit.

If you have a SAT phone and need to all 111, call +64-9-330-9011

Scanning in New Zealand

  • Locations How to find which page a local service is on

Helping and policies

To begin helping, you'll need to understand some very basic wiki language. The general help page is a good place to start. Also, please read the Policy page for the policies on editing, naming etc before you start editing.

You can simply dive in and begin editing pages, but there are some lists of pages that need attention:


(Feel free to add your name here if you wish)

Chris021, Dannews, Medic1nz, scottpalmer (Akl/Northern), FhoneMan (R.I.P), BlakJak, Z-master (Waikato), Firefrog, Deadman, ZLScanner (R.I.P), Oblivian, Reuben Hector (Canterbury), Shiterking (Southland/Otago), Prime (Palmerston North), Zl3sqth (Nthn Buller), Tk885dj (Timaru), ZL3TPQ (Ashburton), Uber (Nelson), Tramper (Christchurch), CiscoNZ (Auckland).