Gisborne Region

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Poverty Bay Area

Ambulance Callsigns

Gisborne 1
Gisborne 2
Gisborne 21
Wairoa 1

Ambulance Frequencies

141.375 Gisborne - Transmitter at Mount Arowhana - CTCSS 162.2

Fire Callsigns

Wairoa: WAIR947
Nuhaka: 951
Tolaga Bay: TOLA877

Fire Frequencies

76.96250 Gisborne Fire Exclusive (crosslinked with Hawkes Bay and Palmerston North)

Police Callsigns

GS    Gisborne
WA    Wairoa
GST   Gisborne Traffic unit
RT    Ruatoria

Police Frequencies

East Cape
VHF Freq UHF Freq Repeater Name              Location
75.65000          Hicks Bay                  Hicks Bay
75.50000 485.8000 Hikurangi Spur             Ruatoria
76.18750          Tokomaru Bay               Tokomaru Bay
75.65000          Titirangi                  Tolaga Bay (TBC... this maybe at Sheltons based on RSSI)

75.78750 489.0250 TBC
75.81250 485.2000 TBC

75.45000          Wairoa                     Wairoa
75.55000          Tatakaakina                Tarawera
75.37500          TBC
75.60000          TBC (some query on this... may actually be 75.65, needs confirming)
75.27500          TBC

**old data**
75.785       Gisborne Urban

Aircraft Frequencies

127.3000     Gisborne Tower/Unattended
118.2000     Gisborne Tower Secondary
126.4000     Gisborne Automatic Terminal Information Service - Local aviation weather conditions updated hourly while tower is attended.
114.2000     Gisborne VOR
119.1000     General aviation talk