Ambulance Request/Notification Codes

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Ambulance "R" codes are radio codes sent verbally over the radio.

Code Description
R3 Airport alert
R14 Bomb alert
R22 Homicide
R24 Mentally disturbed patient
R26 Police required - non urgent
R27 Fire attendance required - fire or petrol spill
R28 Fire attendance required - persons trapped
R29 Private fire alarm
R30 Driving officer required
R31 Doctor required
R32 Senior ambulance officer required
R33 Additional ambulances required
R34 Cancel further ambulances
R35 Ambulance not required
R36 No sign of accident or incident
R37 Ambulance broken down
R38 Ambulance with puncture
R39 Ambulance involved in accident
R40 Request to notify hospital of condition
R41 Helicopter requested
R42 Major gang confrontation in progress
R44 Domestic dispute
R45 Armed offender alert
R46 Rape
R47 Ambulance officer in trouble - police required
R48 Flying squad, burns specialist etc
R49 Cardiac arrest
R50 ALS required
R98 Orange job waiting
R99 Red / Purple job waiting