Ambulance Callsign Types

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ID Type Description
(1-19) & (31-39) Front-line Ambulance At least one EMT is required for the vehicle to be a Transport Ambulance
FR First Response Vehicle Usually a Volunteer Vehicle
OSCAR Operations Shift Supervisor Front-line Response Vehicle (Paramedic/ICP)
TANGO First-Response and Paramedic Back-up Front-line Response Vehicle (Paramedic/ICP)
SIERRA Acute Patient Management Front-line Response Vehicle (Paramedic/ICP)
(21-29) Patient Transfer Service Non-Response (Primarily Single Crewed EMT)
(91-99) Events Ambulance Event attendance for First Aid (FR/EMT) Sometimes Higher requirement is specifically requested
DELTA Clinical Coach Vehicle iLoad or similar usually Response Capable.
SUPPORT Operational Support Vehicle Vehicles that are assigned to support Ambulance service vehicles and equipment