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added more HCC freqs, removed seemingly unused WSS/Allied static security repeater channel.
== Other Frequencies ==
457.28125 Allied (Static Officers)
456.16875 University Security/Parking (CC5, TS1, TG100)
453.48125 Montana Catering (Unknown CTCSS, Be aware this is also a simplex channel for Fonterra)
464.63125 The Base (CC0,TS1, TG1)
Ham == Local Authorities ==<pre>''' Hamilton City Council'''
455.90625 CitySafe (CC7, TS2, TG100)
457.36875 Parking Wardens (CC5, TS1, TG1)
456.66875 Parks (CC7, TS1, TG902)
456.66875 Animal Control (CC7, TS2, TG904)

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