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* [[:Category:Fire]]
=== Ambulance Radio Codes ===
* [[ProQA Ambulance_Callsign_Types | Ambulance ProQA Job description codesCallsign Types]]* [[Q_codes Ambulance_Chief_Complaint_Codes|Ambulance Q codesChief Complaint Codes]]* [[R_codes Ambulance_Request/Notification_Codes|Ambulance R codesRequest/Notification Codes]]* [[Ambulance_Scopes_Of_Practice Ambulance_Response/Assessment_Codes|AmbulanceResponse/Paramedic scopes of practice Assesment Codes]]* [[Status Ambulance_Manager_Codes|Ambulance Patient Status Manager Codes]]* [[Priority Ambulance_Scopes_Of_Practice |Scopes of Practice ]]* [[Ambulance_National_Frequencies|Ambulance Response Priority CodesNational Frequencies and Information ]]* [[GCS |Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)]]
* [[Rescue Helicopter Callsigns| Helicopter Callsigns]]
* [[ Response | Helicopter response codes ]]
* [[:Category:Ambulance]]
[[Category:Scanning in New Zealand|W]]


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