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→‎Police Callsigns: general tidyup
HN Jailer Custody suite and escort (Authorised Officers - non-sworn) (Also perform sceneguard duties for crimescenes etc rather than using security companies)
HNMW1-4 Maori Wardens (No longer using HNO callsigns)
HNWBS1-5 Brat Pack[Disbanded]
HRH11-49 Highway Patrol
HRW51-89 TAG Units
HRW91-94 Serious Crash
HRWC1-12 Camera Vans (No longer using HRW8* callsigns)
R2V11-19 Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (operates in Waikato but not under Waikato District)
SSTT Firearms trainer (should have a regional prefix, but doesn't use one in transmissions so it is unknown)

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