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=== Ambulance Frequencies ===
Frequency Location CTCSS Scangroup
141.3500 Maungakawa (Ngatea) 186.2 Coromandel
141.4625 Maungakawa (Ngatea) 162.2 Hamilton / Taupo141.4000 Te Uku (Raglan) 162.2 Hamilton / Taupo141.3625 Ranginui (Te Kuiti) 162.2 Hamilton / Taupo141.3375 Whakamaru (Mangakino) 162.2 Hamilton / Taupo141.3750 Mt Hikurangi (Taumaranui) 162.2 Hamilton / Taupo141.3250 Pihanga (Turangi) 162.2 Hamilton / Taupo
141.4500 Sanitorium Hill (Cambridge) 162.2 Tauranga / Rotorua / Whakatane
The Hamilton and Taupo areas are partially cross-linked to the Tauranga/Rotorua/Whakatane group.<BR>
You will note that Sanatorium hill is in Cambridge and would seem to be the primary repeater for Hamilton City but is in the Tauranga group... contrary to all logic. Thus you will hear all voice traffic on this frequency but not selcall for the Hamilton / Taupo group.<BR>
The Coromandel is partially linked shares a Dispatcher with the Northland channel, But they are not linked.
=== Fire Callsigns ===

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