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Police Incident Codes are assigned to every job created in the system. These codes are a single digit followed by a letter. The Incident Codes are grouped into 5 categories The digit indicates the general category, and the letter indicates the specific job type.

1 = Incident
2 = Services
3 = Preventative
4 = Other Duties
5 = Miscellaneous Duties


Code Description
1A Alarm Sounding
1B Bomb Threat
1C Car/Person Acting Suspiciously
1D Domestic Dispute
1E Emergency/Disaster/Spill
1F Assist Fire/Ambulance
1G Solvent Abuse
1H Drunk Home
1I Blockage/Breakdown on Highway
1J Juvenile Complaint
1K Drunk Custody/Detox Centre
1L Land Rescue
1M Mental
1N Noise Control
1P Premises Insecure
1Q Breach Graduated Drivers Licence
1R Breach of the Peace
1S Sudden Death
1T Truancy
1U Traffic Incident
1V Vehicle Collision
1W Water/Sea Rescue/Emergency
1X Attempted Suicide
1Z Other Incident


Code Description
2A Advise Relatives/Owner
2B Recruiting
2C Civil Dispute
2D Official Request for Information
2E Remove fences/structures/vegetation
2F Firearms Licensing
2G Liquor Licensing/Vetting
2H Draw Raffle
2I Information
2K Found Property
2L Lost Property
2M Missing Person
2N Civil Court Process
2O Court Orders
2P Public Relations
2Q Jury List Vetting
2R Recovery of motor vehicle
2S Summons
2T Warrant to Arrest/Fines Enforcement
2U Warrant of Seizure
2V Validation
2W Arrest Warrant (Other)
2Y Stock/Animals
2Z Other Service Request/Response


Code Description
3A Attend Scene of Crime/Incident
3B Beat
3C Crime Prevention Advice
3D Dog Care/Maintenance
3E Employee Vetting
3F Foot Patrol
3G Watchhouse/Counter Duty
3H Hotel Visit
3J Comm Centre Duty
3K Keys Taken
3M Directed Patrol / Mobile Patrol
3O Other Vetting
3R Road Checkpoint / Speed Camera Operation
3S Serve Summons/Execute Arrest Warrant
3T Stop/Search Car/Person
3V Staff Visit/Supervision
3W Watching/Observations
3X Video Job
3Y Other School Talks (Not YES)
3Z Other Preventative Task

Other Duties

Code Description
4A Attend Scene/Meeting/Course/Other
4B Mortuary Procedure
4C Correspondence/Counter
4D Demonstration Duty
4E Escort Duty
4F Fingerprint Examination
4G Travel
4H Photography Job
4I Injury/Sickness
4J Court Security (Prison Escort)
4K Court Attendance (Witness, etc.)
4L Logistics/Staff Transport
4M Meal break
4N Victim Advice
4P Public Entertainment Duty
4Q Enquiry/Investigation
4S Vehicle servicing ie petrol/LPG
4U Lockup
4W Witness/Other Person Protection
4X Execute Search Warrant
4Z Airport Security

Miscellaneous Duties

Code Description
5F Family harm / domestic violence
5H EM bail suitability visit
5K Bail Check
5M Parole recall warrant
6D Bail Breach
6E Electronically monitored bail alarm activation
6I Illegal Street Racing
6S Breach of Police Safety Order
6Y Young person unaccompanied
8P Pandemic Response
8PA Pandemic 72 Hour Check
8PB Pandemic Person Check
8PC Pandemic Business Check
8PD Pandemic Check Via Telephone Only
8PG Mass Gathering
8PL Directed Patrol
8PM Reassurance Essential Facility
8PZ Pandemic Checkpoint