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Event Numbers

An Event is a computer record created in the Police computer assisted dispatch system (CAD). Every event is assigned an event number (sometimes refered as an E number) Event numbers consist of a letter prefix (P for police and F for Fire) and a nine digit number. When spoken, the letter and the leading zeros are often omitted. Eg Event number P000123456 would be spoken as 'E number 123456'

Event Type Codes

Every event is assigned an event type code, which indicates what type of activity is involved. If the event involves an offence (ie something which is against the law) the event type code consists of four digits If the activity is something which is not a specific offence, a two character code is assigned.

There are also a small number of codes which relate to special situations which do not follow the standard format.

Summary: Event type codes may be any of the following:



Code Description
1110 Murder
1120 Attempted Murder
1130 Manslaguter
1140 Infanticide
1150 Abortion
1160 Aids Suicide
1210 Kidnapping
1220 Abduction
1310 Aggravated robbery (Weapon)
1316 Aggravated robbery (Manual)
1320 Robbery
1330 Assault with intent (Weapon)
1336 Assault with intent (Manual)
1340 Compelling execution of documents
1410 Wounding with intent GBH
1414 Wounding with intent to injure
1420 Injures with intent to GBH
1424 Injures with intent to injure
1430 Aggravated wounding
1440 Disables/Stupifies
1460 Injures if death ensued
1471 Throws acid with intent to injure
1472 Poisons with intent to injure
1474 Infects with disease
1480 Use firearm on Police officer
1483 Commission of crime (firearm)
1490 Assault with a weapon
1510 Serious Assaults
1520 Assault With Intent To Injure
1530 Assault On Child
1540 Male Assaults Female
1550 Assault Police
1560 Assault Person Assist Police
1570 Assaults Person Lawful Ex Process
1580 Common Assault
1610 Assault On Law Enforcement Officers (Summary Offence)
1620 Assault Person Assisting Police (Summary Offence)
1630 Assaults Official
1640 Minor Assaults
1650 Miscellaneous Common Assault
1710 Threatens To Kill
1720 Threatening Act To Person Or Property
1730 Threatening Behaviour
1740 Demand With Intent To Steal or Extort
1748 Blackmail
1754 Possess Offensive Weapon
1758 Unlawful possess knife
1770 Fail To Provide Necessities Of Life
1790 Threatening To Dammage Property
1810 Group Assemblies
1811 Rioting
1820 Unlawful Assembly
1830 Crimes Against Personal Privacy
1840 Harassment
1850 Participation and Association Offences
1853 Participates in criminal group

Sexual Offences

Code Description
2210 Indecent Performances And Acts
2220 Obscene Exposure
2231 Genital Mutilation
2380 Sexual Intercourse With Child Under Care
2510 Indecent Videos
2610 Abduct young person for sex
2620 Abduct person for sex
2632 Indecently Assaults Female Over 16
2635 Indecent Assault On Male Over 16
2650 Rape
2655 Sexual Conduct with child under 12 years
2655 Sexual violation
2656 Sexual conduct with young person
2660 Attempt rape and assault with intent to rape
2670 Assault Intent To Commit Sexual Violation
2710 Incest
2720 Bestiality
2740 Sexual grooming
2810 Sexual conduct with young person under 16 years
2813 Sexual Intercourse With subnormal female
2830 Indecent Assaults by Female
2840 Indecency FF
2860 Indecency MF
2870 Indecency MM
2910 Immoral Behaviour/Miscellaneous
2950 Child Sex Tours Offences
2951 Sex with child outside NZ
2962 Knowingly makes objectionable publication
2963 Supplied restricted material
2966 Exhibits objectionable material to persons under 18
2970 Offences for Commercial sex services
2973 Prostitution Under 18
2962 Knowingly makes objectionable publication

Drugs & Anti-Social Behavior

Code Description
3110 Import, Supply or Produce Class A Drug
3115 Import, Supply or Produce Class B Drug
3140 Possess to Supply Class A Drug
3145 Possess to Supply Class B Drug
3151 Possess Class A
3154 Possess Class B
3158 Possess Instruments A & B
3160 Consume drugs class A & B
3171 Cultivate
3181 Permit premises A & B
3187 Aids offences outside New Zealand
3191 Conspiracy to deal A Class Drugs
3192 Conspiracy to deal B Class Drugs
3193 Conspiracy to deal C Class Drugs
3210 Import, Supply or Produce Class C Drugs
3240 Possess to supply class C Drugs
3150 Possess Class C Drugs
3255 Possess Instruments (cannabis)
3271 Cultivate cannabis
3273 Possess equipment or substance to produce drug
3281 Permit premises cannabis
3410 Bookmaking
3420 Gaming House Offences
3430 Betting Offences
3470 Casino Offences
3510 Obstruct Police
3515 Resist Person Assisting Police
3516 Resist Other Official
3517 Obstruct Public Place
3521 Incite Violence, disorder or lawlessness
3529 Other Incite or encourage Offences
3535 Offensive Behaviour
3537 Disorderly Behaviour Private Premises
3538 Threatening Behaviour likely to Cause Violince
3540 Language offences
3560 Miscellaneous Disorder Offences
3570 Disorderly Assembly
3610 Vagrancy Offences
3620 Preparing To Commit Crimes
3710 Family Offences
3711 Cruelty To Child
3712 Wilful Neglect Child
3713 Abandon child under 6 years
3714 Leavng Child Wthout Reasnble Supervisor
3719 Other Child Abuse Non Assault
3743 Offence Against Matrimonial Prop Act
3746 Failure Attend Court
3750 Family proceedings Act offences
3796 Slave Dealing Under 18
3797 Sex exploitation
3810 Publishing and Document Offences
3820 Child and Young Person Act Offences
3851 Contravenes Protection Order (Firearm)
3852 Contravenes Protection Order (Non Firearm)
3853 Fail To Comply Conditions Of Order (Firearm)
3854 Fail Comply Condition Of Order (Non Firearm)
3856 Breach Of Publication Restrictions
3910 Closure Of Licensed Premises for Rioting or Fightng
3920 Licenced Premises Liquer Offence Selling to minor(s)
3930 Licenced Premises Liquer Offence Intoxicated Person(s)
3940 Offences by minors Sale Of Liquor
3950 Refusal to admit police on Licenced Premises
3960 Sales By Unlicensed Persons
3970 Unlicensed Premises Liquor Offences


Code Description
4120 Burglary
4130 Burglary Associated Offences
4155 Aggravated burglary
4210 Unlawful Taking Motor Vehicle
4220 Unlawfully Interfere Motor Vehicle
4230 Take, convert or interfere Bicycle
4240 Miscellaneous Car Conversion Etc
4300 General Theft
4410 Receiving Stolen Goods
4430 Money Laundering Offences
4435 Laundering proceeds of drug dealing
4440 Financial Transaction Reporting
4511 Forgery
4512 Possesses Forged Banknote
4515 Possesses Implements For Forgery
4517 Imitating Authorised Marks
4520 False accounting
4550 Credit by fraud
4570 Miscellaneous fraud
4575 Altering document with intent
4581 Forges bank card to obtain money
4590 False pretence by credit card or cheques
4631 Access computer for dishonest purpose
4633 Damage computer endangering life
4635 Makes Sells software for crime
4636 Access computer without Authority


Code Description
5120 Property damage
5210 Endangering transport


Code Description
6110 Trespass
6220 Littering
6310 Animals (Neglect & Cruelty)
6520 Postal/Rail/Fire Service Abuses
6820 Firearms Offences


Code Description
7110 Offences Against Justice
7210 Births/Deaths & Marriages
7310 Immigration
7410 Racial
7510 Against National Interest
7610 Bylaw Breaches


Code Description
1A Alarm Sounding
1B Bomb Threat
1C Car/Person Acting Suspiciously
1D Domestic Dispute
1E Emergency/Disaster/Spill
1F Assist Fire/Ambulance
1G Solvent Abuse
1H Drunk Home
1I Blockage/Breakdown on Highway
1J Juvenile Complaint
1K Drunk Custody/Detox Centre
1L Land Rescue
1M Mental
1N Noise Control
1P Premises Insecure
1Q Breach Graduated Drivers Licence
1R Breach of the Peace
1S Sudden Death
1T Truancy
1U Traffic Incident
1V Vehicle Collision
1W Water/Sea Rescue/Emergency
1X Attempted Suicide
1Z Other Incident


Code Description
2A Advise Relatives/Owner
2B Recruiting
2C Civil Dispute
2D Official Request for Information
2E Remove fences/structures/vegetation
2F Firearms Licensing
2G Liquor Licensing/Vetting
2H Draw Raffle
2I Information
2K Found Property
2L Lost Property
2M Missing Person
2N Civil Court Process
2O Court Orders
2P Public Relations
2Q Jury List Vetting
2R Recovery of motor vehicle
2S Summons
2T Warrant to Arrest/Fines Enforcement
2U Warrant of Seizure
2V Validation
2W Arrest Warrant (Other)
2Y Stock/Animals
2Z Other Service Request/Response


Code Description
3A Attend Scene of Crime/Incident
3B Beat
3C Crime Prevention Advice
3D Dog Care/Maintenance
3E Employee Vetting
3F Foot Patrol
3G Watchhouse/Counter Duty
3H Hotel Visit
3J Comm Centre Duty
3K Keys Taken
3M Directed Patrol
3O Other Vetting
3R Road Checkpoint
3S Serve Summons/Execute Arrest Warrant
3T Turnover
3V Staff Visit/Supervision
3W Watching/Observations
3X Video Job
3Y Other School Talks (Not YES)
3Z Other Preventative Task

Other Duties

Code Description
4A Attend Scene/Meeting/Course/Other
4B Mortuary Procedure
4C Correspondence/Counter
4D Demonstration Duty
4E Escort Duty
4F Fingerprint Examination
4G Travel
4H Photography Job
4I Injury/Sickness
4J Court Security (Prison Escort)
4K Court Attendance (Witness, etc.)
4L Logistics/Staff Transport
4M Meal break
4N Victim Advice
4P Public Entertainment Duty
4Q Enquiry/Investigation
4S Vehicle servicing ie petrol/LPG
4U Lockup
4W Witness/Other Person Protection
4X Execute Search Warrant
4Z Airport Security


Code Description
5F Family harm / domestic violence
5K Bail Check
6D Bail Breach
6E Electronically monitored Bail alarm activation
6I Illegal Street Racing
6S Breach of Police Safety Order

Non standard event type codes:

Code Description
NATSEC National Security Incident
NSEC Non speech emergency call
PURSUIT Vehicle Pursuit

Result (K) Codes

When the responding unit has dealt with the event, they assign a code to indicate the result. There are 4 possible codes:

  • K1 - No further action required. Close the CAD event.
  • K3 - Although reported as an offence, no offence disclosed. No further action required. Close the CAD event
  • K6 - A written report will be submitted for this incident. Close the CAD event.
  • K9 - A person has been arrested. Close the CAD event.

Radio Procedure (10) Codes

Radio Procedure codes are used to indicate unit status.

  • 10-0 ~ Off duty
  • 10-1 ~ A message for all units on this channel follows:
  • 10-2 ~ On-route to a CAD event previously dispatched
  • 10-3 ~ Available for dispatch to CAD events
  • 10-4 ~ Please Repeat / Say Again
  • 10-5 ~ Out of service - (Obsolete since 1997. This status does not exist in current CAD system
  • 10-6 ~ Change Channel - (Plain English may be used instead of this code)
  • 10-7 ~ Arrived at the scene of a CAD event
  • 10-8 ~ Busy but Available - (Obsolete since 1997. This status does not exist in current CAD system
  • 10-9 ~ An urgent message follows
  • 10-10 ~ Officer in danger and requires immediate assistance

Procedure Words

Procedure words are used to ensure the smooth flow of radio traffic. The following list of international standard procedure words is consistent with Coordinated Incident Management System principles, which promote consistency among emergency services.

  • Acknowledge - Let me know that you have received and understood this message.
  • Advise - Tell me the following information…
  • Affirm - Yes.
  • Approved - Permission for proposed action granted.
  • Break - Indicates the separation between portions of the message (to be used where there is no clear distinction between the text and other portions of the message).
  • Confirm - Have I correctly received the following..? or Did you correctly receive this message?
  • Contact - Establish radio or telephone contact with…
  • Correct - That is correct.
  • Correction - Error has been made in this transmission (or message indicated) correct version is ...
  • Disregard - Consider that transmission as not sent.
  • Go Ahead - Proceed with your message.
  • I Say Again - I repeat for clarity or emphasis.
  • I spell - I will spell the next word phonetically.
  • Negative - "No" or "Permission is not granted" or "That is not correct".
  • Over - My transmission is ended and I expect a response from you.
  • Out - My transmission is ended and I expect no response from you.
  • Read Back - Repeat all, or the specified part, of this message back to me exactly as received.
  • Report - Tell me the situation regarding…
  • Request - I need you to do the following…
  • Roger - I have received all of your last transmission (under NO circumstances to be used in reply to a question requiring read back or a direct answer in the affirmative or negative - e.g. response to pursuit warning).
  • Say Again - Repeat all or the following part of your last transmission.
  • Speak Slower - Speak more slowly.
  • Standby - Wait and I will call you.