Wairarapa Area

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Wairarapa Area

Ambulance Callsigns

Wairarapa District Health Board Ambulance Service

Callsign Notes
Carterton 1 St John First Responder
Featherston 1 St John First Responder
Greytown 1 Operated by Wairarapa DHB
Martinborough 1 St John First Responder
Masterton 1 Operated by Wairarapa DHB - Primary Ambulance
Masterton 21 Patient Transport (PTO)
Masterton 91 St John First Aid Unit (Events Etc) Wairarapa District
Wairarapa 1 Operations Manager
Wairarapa 2 Advanced Paramedic (Covers entire Wairarapa)

Ambulance Frequencies

Frequency Location
141.3250 Rewa,
141.3375 Rangitumau
141.3625 Eringa, South Wairarapa

Fire Callsigns

Location Station Number Appliance Callsigns
Ngawi 51 Ngaw5171
Lake Ferry 52 Lake5271 Lake5275
Mauriceville 53 Maur5371
Wainuioru 54 Wain5471
Castlepoint 55 Cast5571
Tinui 56 Tinu5671
Tora 57 Tora5871 Tora5875
Riversdale Beach 59 Rive5971
Masterton 61 Mast611 Mast612 Mast613 Mast617 Mast6110
Carterton 62 Cart621 Cart622 Cart6229
Featherston 63 Feat631 Feat632 Feat6326
Greytown 64 Grey642 Grey647
Martinborough 65 Mart651 Mart652 Mart6529

Fire Frequencies

Frequency Location
75.4750 Fire Wellington
75.5875 Fire Wellington

Police Callsigns

Callsign Definition
CT Carterton
FS Featherston
GT Greytown
MB Martinborough
MS Masterton

=== Police Frequencies === (NOW DIGITAL)

Frequency Location Notes
75.7125 Shared with Porirua and Kapiti Coast
76.0250 (Linked to Palmerston North 1, also Wairarapa Rural Fire)
485.300 Masterton(Linked to Palmerston North 1, also Wairarapa Rural Fire)
485.425 Carterton

Aircraft Frequencies

Frequency Description
119.1000 General Aviation talk
124.2000 Christchurch Information (Wairarapa Repeater)

Marine Frequencies

Frequency Channel Description
156.3750 67 Wairarapa Maritime Radio
156.8000 16 Calling-Distress

Department of Conservation Frequencies

Frequency Description
142.4500 Maungaraki - east of Greytown
142.4625 Mt Baker - southern Rimutaka
142.5500 Cone - Tararua Range

Other Frequencies

Train Frequencies

Frequency Description
151.9500 Main Train Control channel for Masterton, Carterton, Featherston.

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