Ambulance Callsign Types

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ID Type Description
(1-19) & (31-39) Front-line Ambulance At least one EMT is required for the vehicle to be a Transport Ambulance
FR First Response Vehicle Usually a Volunteer Vehicle
OSCAR Operations Shift Supervisor Front-line Response Vehicle (Paramedic/ICP)
TANGO First-Response and Paramedic Back-up Front-line Response Vehicle (Paramedic/ICP)
SIERRA Acute Patient Management Front-line Response Vehicle (Paramedic/ICP)
(21-29) Patient Transfer Service Non-Response (Primarily Single Crewed EMT)
(91-99) Events Ambulance Event attendance for First Aid (FR/EMT) Sometimes Higher requirement is specifically requested
DELTA Managers Vehicle Usually unmarked vehicle, Sometimes response capable
SUPPORT Operational Support Vehicle Vehicles that are assigned to support Ambulance service vehicles and equipment