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Status codes are a numerical description of the patients injuries or condition based upon the criteria below. They may be changed based upon clinical presentation(e.g. a status 3 patient may be upgraded to status 2 or downgraded to status 4) but are not changed by mechanisim of injury or patient's age.

Status 0 - deceased

Status 1 - immediate threat to life (e.g. shock unresponsive to fluids, GCS < 9, cardiogenic shock, STEMI)

Status 2 - potential threat to life (e.g. cardiac chest pain not relieved by GTN/O2, GCS 10-13)

Status 3 - unlikely threat to life (e.g. isolated long fractures, improving respiratory distress, asymptomatic SVT)

Status 4 - no threat to life (e.g. minor fractures, cuts/scrapes etc)