Scanning Local Authorities in Auckland

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Local Authorities

Auckland Regional Council

Freq         User          Repeater          Channel    CTCSS
142.5500     ARC Parks     Manukau Heads     ESB124     131.8
142.5750     ARC Parks     Piha              ESB125     131.8
142.4750     ARC Parks     Whangaparoa       ESB128     131.8
142.9500     ARC Parks     Cape Rodney       ESB156     131.8

Auckland Council

Freq         User                           Repeater           Channel     CTCSS
455.60625    Waiheke Maintenance            Waiheke Island     C12         141.3     Council, Downers and Waiheke Fire are on this
458.1750     Animal Control                 Waitakere          C115        203.5     (out of service)
458.2750     Parking enforcement tows
             (First Recovery)               Skytower           C119        186.2
456.7500     North Shore Maintenance        Torbay             C58         151.4
453.41875    Transit lane enforcement       Simplex            CNX30       None
164.4375     Waitakere Maintenance          Waitakere          EE179       114.8  
455.600      ACC                                               C12         233.6